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Move tasks and files to other projects


Oct 3, 2006
Oct 3, 2006 / tino
Jan 18, 2009 / pixtur

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UI considerationsπ

pixtur: In the long run I want to get rid of files in the project root. This is one option too many which is not necessary: Files should only be attached to Tasks, Topics and Folders. That's why I suggerst following workflow:
  1. Go to detail-view of a file.
  2. Click "Move to project"
On the following page...
  1. Select the project in a drop-down list
  2. In the auto complete field start typing the name of the target task.
  3. Click submit
  • In the follow page the "message area" displays file have been moved to project XYZ
  • In the change list of "project XYZ" you see a line "Tasks blabla / moved file from project ABC by admin just now"
  • In the change list of the old project you see a line "Tasks blabla / moved to project xyz by admin just now"

Of course it would be nicer to have a ajax-based tree to select the target task. Together with open/close folders and stuff like this.

Implementation hintsπ

One tricky part of this task is that moving anything between projects involves changing of user-rights. Some questions that pop into my mind are:
  1. What happens if the creator of the file is not a team-member of the new project?
  2. What if different versions of the file have been uploaded by different team-members?
It also might get dirty if we want to move the "files" phyiscally between the different project folders on the hard drive:
  1. Check if prj-directory exists for project
  2. Change write permissions?
  3. Move every version file on hard drive
  4. update file-items
If 4 fails, 3 has to be undone.

Actually I think we should not move the files physically. Changing the file-item's parent-task should be sufficient and can be easily tracked in the change log.


tino:I think this is...

12 years ago

a very important point we should look at.

At present streber is only able to move files to folders or project root.

binder:this reminds me...

12 years ago

how about moving tasks to other projects and efforts to other task (even in another project)...
we had it twice and I moved it directly in the database... but shouldn't we add this to the frontend?


12 years ago (2. update 12 years ago)

I just changed the moving of files so the list shows all open tasks and folders.

I am not sure how to move files to another project.

Could be:
  1. "Move to another project" (itemsMoveToProject)
  2. Displays list of open projects
  3. Displays list of open tasks ans folders of this project
  4. Moves them after submit
Doing this for tasks it tricky because of:
  1. Assigments (what if person does not work in new project)
  2. booked efforts on this task in the old project
  3. probably more...

binder:Antwort auf confirmed...

12 years ago

I would do:
  1. move task to another project
    • option "move efforts, too"
    • option "copy person, if not assigned"

pixtur:Reply to Antwort auf confirmed...

12 years ago


sounds reasonable. I think that the effort-task relation ship might work even across projects. Although this might be confusing.

binder:Antwort auf Reply to Antwort auf confirmed...

12 years ago

yes, the relationship works across projects, but has some drowbacks in some lists, where a relationshop to a project is needed, I think? (not thouroghly tested!)

pixtur:Moving files to other tasks already works...

12 years ago

I move the part of moving tasks/files into another project to the next milestone.

madlyr:Reply to Moving files to other tasks already works... - Hw to do it?

12 years ago

Tom, I need to move some folders and tasks from project, to project, how to do this (Did you said it works?).

What about efforts, history changes, etc.?

I don't want to do this through direct db operations.

This functionality is really useful. Sometimes from some group of tasks inside one project it grows to subproject or even regular project.

pixtur:Reply to Reply to Moving files to other tasks already works... - Hw to do it?

12 years ago

No, only moving files of one project to folders/tasks of the same project works.
I desperately need inter project moving of Items for myself. But I want to complete v0.08 first. This feature is pretty complex, and we still have a lot of open tasks for the upcoming release.

spacecake:Reply to Reply to Reply to Moving files to other tasks already works... - Hw to do it?

11 years ago

Any update on movings task across projects ?

Just to revitalize the current tread/task as I run into the same wall.

webbplatsen:Don't forget this

10 years ago

v0.09 will soon be released and then hopefully this issue to be solved. I know it's tricky but pretty frustrated to have tasks in wrong place in Streber.


10 years ago

I have to update the milestones soon. Moving files accross projects will not be part of the upcoming version v0.09. Sorry. If I would implement it, will I be sufficient to have a function in the details-view of a file?

kjsphoto:Any status on this?

10 years ago

Hello Tom,

I just upgraded to version v0.09 and didnt see this feature? I been playing with the database directly trying to figure it out as I need to move tasks and topics from one project to another.

pixtur:added some thoughts...

10 years ago (2. update 10 years ago)

... to the task description. Note that this feature involves are lot of thought and work. Did you have any success with modifying the database to move the file?

kjsphoto:Moving files manually

10 years ago

Yes, I finally figured it out. I had to update the task and item tables in order to move the items from one project to the other. I can see the complication though in automating this via a gui interface.

I also noticed something else. If you have a project that has say userX and he is say a tester and you remove him from the project, goto People and upgrade his account to say Project Manager for example if you add him back to the project he is still a tester.

I noticed in the project person table that when you remove the person form the project he is not removed from the underlying table.

I am not sure if this is part of the design or a bug.

pixtur:wiki vs deleting

10 years ago

I wrote some comments on this: