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Streber is an open source project, that is driven by several enthusiastic persons:

pixtur (Interface design / programming / German translation)π

Sparetime php programmer who regularily works in interface design and 3D-modeling. He is active in the demo scene. More stuff can be found at:

Tino (programming)π

Like pixtur a sparetime php programmer. At work ( as an apprentice at ) I exclusivly work with ABAP (programming language of SAP). Here are some links for those who wants to get more ( / )


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He's head of development at and therefore responsible for getting projects done. After searching literally years for the perfect management tool for his company he decided to join streber and help develop a piece of software, he thinks will solve all problems soon.

Madlyr (PHP and Flash programming, Polish translation)π

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arne (Norwegian translation)π

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webbplatsen (Webbplatsen Theme, Swedish translation)π

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flaviove (translation to Portuguese)π

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yves (French translation)π

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zdenko (Slovak translation)π

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guest:I would like to join the team

12 years ago -

Please email to me

quesadilla01:spanish translation

10 years ago

hello! I wanted to know if pixtur, tanktop or anyone in charge of assigning projects could assign me to the spanish translation? thanks!