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file upload window a'la File downloads in Firefox with multiple files


Sep 26, 2006
Sep 26, 2006 / madlyr
Sep 28, 2010 / guest

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Add file uploads window a'la file download window in Mozilla Firefox.
If in any window somebody starts upload of the file, then Flash connects via Local Connection (Flash therm similar to DDE in MS Windows) with upload window and sends which file to upload to that window.

Research if Flash could programatically invoke file upload without checking it in file browse function. If not, then this idea is not executable.

If file upload finishes, then we should add file info and it should be added in file
upload window.

Window, which invokes upload could be informed, that file is uploaded and some comments should be added (info or even form (duplicate form from upload window).

File upload window could show total upload progress bar.


madlyr:It is possible to implement multiple file upload with Flash

12 years ago

pixtur:I do not like new features

12 years ago

I am still not convinced that we need this in the main installation. The current solution of file uploading works better than most other parts of streber and I don't want to have another construction site on this side.

I clearly remember how the "mysqli"-support has been added. Although it is an incredible piece of coding and a very cool feature, it brings almost zero benefit to 90% of the users. But it increases the code and already lead to about 3-10 issues (mostly related to installation and upgrading, but also regarding to php5.2). I am not really firm with this code, which makes me a little bit affraid of mysqli.

I am not affraid of your will being bogus. I am affraid of ANY code being bogus. Any feature will lead to issues. And the number of those issues will be higher depending on the overall number of features.
I just read the Philosophy again. And the first point makes me to veto against this feature.

Any other opinions on this topic?

madlyr:It's natural option

12 years ago (3. update 12 years ago)

  • file upload browser (OS) dialog box with choosing file to upload could handle selecting more than one file (with ctrl and/or shift keys),
  • upload progress will show progress currently uploaded file and all files percentage,
  • upload will be file by file from list of all files to upload, minimal code change in server logic,
  • drawback - you can select many files in one folder on local disk.
Is it complicated?

There will be configuration switch to choose between current html single file upload without progress bar, and flash upload (with progress and multiple files). So it won't disturb current happy file users ;-).

Yes I agree, most people will not need this option.

For me the reason of multiple file upload and adding is to have streber as complete project and file repository with sometimes many files with hierarchical structure. Why use ftp or scp account to store those files, when we use streber? Streber has even version control... This is really powerful.

guest:Developing a file upload window

10 years ago -

Can some one give me a code to develop a webpage which can provide ability to browse a file on a user computer and upload that file to a remote location? I will wait for the response at asstprof.dr.shaikh@gmail.com

luchyx:not 100% useful

10 years ago

This feat is quite simple in flash/flex.
But, this move us to new scenarios which may bring issues or bugs.
I don't see this feat as totally mandatory.
If you want to make a "bach-process" of the upload process you must provide inputs for:
  1. name
  2. description
  3. status
  4. publish
for each selected file. This involve a more complex UI.

pixtur:See above

10 years ago