add a view for last "actions" (of a person, in a project, ...)


Sep 19, 2006
Sep 19, 2006 / binder
Jan 5, 2009 / phsouzacruz

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Sometimes it would be much easier to open the "last changes" view (not bound to "changes since last login") and see, what was done the last few days/weeks with some kind of filtering. So I don't have to open the projects/tasks i 'think' there were changes in it.

OK, such information are in the status emails, but two things:
  • status emails come daily => you have to open all
  • i delete status emails, once i've read them ;)
so what we need:
  1. a view of the last changes
  2. option to group data
  3. option to filter data
  4. link from a person to that view will automatically open the person filter => you see last changes of that person.
I think of this as a very important feature!


madlyr:I agree :-)

12 years ago

pixtur:I agree ;-)

12 years ago (3. update 12 years ago)

This feature would be pretty fency. But I am little bit reluctant with implementation, because it spent the last few hours working on a refactoring of the db-field and filter structure. If things work fine, this will provide a general function for ALL TYPES with ALL FILTER POSSIBILTIES. e.g.


The next step is of course creating a general gui for filtering lists...

Not sure, if you want to wait for this changes being done...


binder:Reply to I agree ;-)

12 years ago

I can wait! *G*
no, it's best not to do things twice. If you're ready with refactoring, this could be done more easily. until then... I have to click through the projects! *G*