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Sep 17, 2006
Sep 17, 2006 / tino
Jan 5, 2009 / phsouzacruz

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What do you think about this feature?

It should be visible, if you reply on a comment (in comparison to many bulletin-boards).

We could show this information at the right of the comment-edit-form.


I would prefer an ajax version - like it is done on youtube.com




binder:could be done with an iframe

12 years ago

yes, I missed this, too...
would be nice to have the whole thread of comments in an iframe. Thus you won't get long pages, and you can scroll through the comments.


12 years ago

I would suggest to add an additional parameter "displayOtherComments" to the commentEdit page handle. Then when building the page, add a scrollable DIV below the form like:
  1. get other comments of parent task
  2. if there are comments...
  3. start new block titled "Other comments"
  4. echo "<div style='height:20em;overflow:auto;'>"
  5. render list_comments with reduced header
  6. echo "</div>"
Something like this.

Should be earlier comments be listed in reverse order? This might look confusing for cascaded comments....

tino:Reply to Confirmed,

12 years ago

I thought about displaying only the comment you want to reply to.

What do you think?

tino:So I will give it a try

12 years ago


pixtur:Some comments on the screenshot...

11 years ago

I like the ajax idea, but I have some questions:
  1. Where do we insert the text-edit field?
  2. Do we need the "Comment"-box at the bottom anyway?

tino:Reply to Some comments on the screenshot...

11 years ago

  1. below the comment you reply to
  2. yes - if someone wants to add a "root" comment and don't reply on a comment

I thought we could use the wiki-chapter ajax stuff!

with some changes...

pixtur:more discussion...

11 years ago

We should do some screen mock-ups before starting implementation. Also I think we need a better location of all those js code...