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Sep 17, 2006 / tino
Sep 1, 2009 / aldhissla

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Hello at all,

here we can collect some marketing ideas to promote streber in the whole wide world ;-)

Feel free to add your ideas underneath!



pixtur:Too early but...

12 years ago

It's probably too early for this stuff, but I thought about some cool T-Shirt designs ala "i am streber". ;-)


madlyr:change version - remove leading zero - let's starto 0.683 :-)

12 years ago

We should remove leading zero in version numbering.
Not many people wants to give effort in even evaluate open source project which has so earli stage of development version.

Personnaly my firm switched to streber after bad feelings with one month evaluation with tutos, after try to manage complex project. Befor tutos I saw streber, but this early version number suggested it is not stable software.

madlyr:provide clear path with stable versions and release plans

12 years ago

We have excellent software to self document our path, and release plans.
What we should add?
  1. Releasing stable, well and broadly tested as a whole versions every one, or two months.
  2. Testing, testing stable verions. New installations and update of existing ones.
  3. Well documented migration of data with new versions. With tips, what and how to change in existing projects.
  4. Well documented new features.
  5. Better documentation - we should add more help topics. Some of help manual is obsolete. New user should feel comfortable with help and docs.
  6. KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid :-). We should avoid too many features which are not used for everybody, or have simple and advanced versions of dialgo box or profiled configuration.
MAybe this topic should be alone one.

madlyr:let streber could be daily pm program - better efforts, dependency, GANTT graphs

12 years ago

title is sefl documented ;-)
  1. Efforts are very important.
  2. Task dependency.
  3. GANTT graphs.
I know, it's a lot of effort but... necessary.

binder:I also think, it's too early

12 years ago (3. update 12 years ago)

besides the excellent article in german "PHP Magazine", I think, streber is not linkedand not found by search engines, as it could!
But on the other side, I think it's important to get - as you posted - the zero after the point out of the way! ;)
But not simply jumping von 0.06xx to 0.6xx, but in the normal elevating as described in the milestones. I wouldn't change the milestones for two reasons. First, we will loose some confidence if we jumped without a significant leap inside the software. Second, we are not ready for this yet.

I think we will gain more and more developers over time and if they are so active as we all are at present, streber will gain more and more impetus and will reach the milestones more quickly as we can think of now! And thus, the really urgent and important milestones (GANTT, effort-listing, ...) are met for everybody's convinience!

... and for us (freshframes) the version number didn't matter at all, in fact it was (and is) the chance for our team to support streber and implement exactly the features we like to be implemented! We're about finding a new ERP software for us for more than a year now (in fact since two years), and we had more than 6 people showing us their software in a range from 6.000€ till 20.000€ total. Every software could have worked fine for us, but every software missed some features, we think are vital for us. One wasn't that good in reporting, the other didn't comply with our way of working on projects, etc. pp. There was one, which met 90% of our needs, but the GUI didn't meet our employees - they didn't like it at all.
With streber we now have the tool, (mostly *G*) everybody here likes to work with. of course streber isn't so sophisticated as some of the tested software, which have been on market since years or ages! ;) but it works for the project management part. The rest can wait, and can be influenced by us working on streber. This makes streber so sexy for us (althoug the name "streber" is not so sexy at all...).

But back to topic, I think, streber will be ready for the real public if some of the big milestones are behind us. Then it will be stable enough and more easy to implement for the not so technical confident users! ;)


11 years ago -

i agree with the zero in version numbering. streber is nice.
i'll put a link to my pretty joung but unpopular cms list site :)
(and set it up there too for testing)

you do great work!

thank you all!

aldhissla:German presentation "Usage of Streber PM"

9 years ago (2. update 9 years ago)

I'm representing the Netzideen GmbH, an Online-Marketing Agency from Leipzig, Germany. Since we have been working with Streber PM for quite some time now and are always eager to recommend it to our customers as well, we have published a small presentation (in german) about the Usage of Streber PM and thought we'd share it with you.You may find it here:

We're looking forward to your comments, feedbacks and maybe even some sort of future cooperation :-).