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2006-09-15 Thank you all

Sep 15, 2006 / pixtur
Nov 29, 2010 / partizannka

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I just wanted to thank all developers for the last few weeks. So I started this internal news folder.

It was the most intense developing phase streber had seen so far. Some keypoints:
  • New translations for Norwegian, Polish, Swedish, French and Slovak
  • Fixing about 10-20 errors I could never have solved on my own
  • Quick edit form and new, improved taksView
  • Sorting Companies and People in useful groups
This is just breath taking! I am very sorry that I currently have not more time to implement new features and release versions more frequently, but I sometimes find some time on weekends and evenings. I try to read all submitted code and check for inconsistencies. I really hope nobody takes this to personal ;-)

We should do some plans for the weekend and the upcomming weeks:
  • I changed the server at streber-pm.org to php5. So we could move streber.pixtur.de to this domain.
  • We should change the comment header of the source files from
# streber - a php5 based project management system  (c) 2005 Thomas Mann / thomas@pixtur.de
# Distributed under the terms and conditions of the GPL as stated in lang/license.html

into something like...

# streber - a php5 based project management system  (c) 2005-2006 streber development team / www.streber-pm.org
# Distributed under the terms and conditions of the GPL as stated in lang/license.html
  • I should finish version v0.069 (fix Versions, Styles) and release it with the current features.
  • Maybe we could restructure the team a little bit. I see that I am not capable of releasing the versions requlary. Maybe two developers could handle this tasks. Tino is already doing a tremendous job at answering questions at the forum and I see how much time this saves me for looking at the code.

Discussing upcomming features:π

  • I will try to push the jquery-features a little bit and remove the old js-code.
  • I really would love to implement anonymous browsing of streber.streber-pm.org. This would allow us to move the old mediawiki-content directly in to streber and probably even would save us from installating a CMS.
  • We should split the tasks into categories () to separate the documentation/wiki from real tasks.
  • Now that there have some other developers looked at the code, we might discuss some internal code structures. (e.g. DB-Backend, fields, html rendering).

Please give some comments.

So once again: Thank you very much. Although I will have some hours for coding at the train, I might not have internet access at the weekend...

greetings from Berlin


tino:First of all

12 years ago (2. update 12 years ago)

thanks to you Tom.

Streber becomes more and more more than an open-source tool!

With the guys from freshframes (burger&binder) and Radoslav (madlyr) streber gets a boost and now we gather momentum!

Thank you guys for developing on streber and spending so much time on this - I'm fortunately not the only one ;-)

Regards Tino

binder:thanks to you, tom!

12 years ago

I'll give back the compliments to you, tom!
Sure, without the help of volunteers, streber couln't be developed that fast, but of course it won't be that fun for you to spend your freetime with it! ;)

But I also see your protective hands for "your baby" as a good thing. You made streber the tool it is now, and now we all together can make streber to an easy-to-use and full-featured ERP-Tool!

And this is it, what open source stands for, isn't it? I surely like to work on streber, it's much fun to form a software and use the new features right away in daily practice! *G*