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Sep 14, 2006
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Apr 21, 2009
Sep 14, 2006 / madlyr
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This is folder for questions about streber language translation at all. All questions should be in comments. Please ask questions regarding to specific language translation in tasks named as "{language} Translation".

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madlyr:some comments on string 'show tasks in home'

12 years ago

### ../db/ ###
'show tasks in home' =>'', # line 75

Does it mean we can view tasks not only at office but at home too?


12 years ago

It was meant as an option to display a particular task in your home view ;-)

madlyr:rev. 108 - button labels - is it correct to take one string from translation table in more files?

12 years ago


I commited 2 files and change in revision 108.
Button label at upload file was hardcoded as "Send file".
I changed it to __('Upload') string as in
Is it correct, or should I add two new strings to translation table?

pixtur:That's ok...

12 years ago

You can make the text more precide by a hidden clarification parameter:

$foo= __("Upload");
$foo2= __("Upload","Extreme short for button label");

If "Upload|Extreme short for button label" will not be found in translation table, "Upload" will be used.

madlyr:Meanning string 'F, jS; in ../pages/

12 years ago (2. update 12 years ago)

What means string 'F, jS; in ../pages/ ?

pixtur:Reply to Meanning string 'F, jS; in ../pages/

12 years ago

Ahh... that's an input for the date()-function. So the date at the title of "home" could be localized.

madlyr:Reply to Reply to Meanning string 'F, jS; in ../pages/

12 years ago

Date formmating string meaning:

I see, that in some places date is not taken from translation list.


12 years ago

Hmmm, how to translate playground and for what it is needed?

Is it for playing with some ideas, tests?

Is it accessible from streber (if yes, where)?

madlyr:Enable Versions or Releases?

12 years ago

I see in rev 184 change from Version to Release.
In settings options still we have Enable Versions.
Will change Version to Release permanent?
If so, then

  'Enable Versions|Project setting'=>'', # line 76

should be changed to:

  'Enable Releases|Project setting'=>'', # line 76

madlyr:Change from Version to Release

12 years ago (4. update 12 years ago)

It is a major change which affects many strings and should be propagated to all langauages. Please confirm that change.

Steps (Tom please correct me, if it is ok):
  1. Search and repleace in all code word version to release (without change of case and plural/singular form).
  2. Search and repleace all language translation lists in english part from word version, to release (without change of case and plural/singular form).
  3. Inform all translators about major change.

madlyr:Tag line

12 years ago (2. update 12 years ago)

What is the meaning of word Tag line o tagline?

I founded meaning:
'tag line = the point of a joke or humorous story'

### ../db/   ###
'Tag line|form field for company'=>'',  # line 45

### ../db/   ###
'Optional: Additional tagline (eg. multimedia concepts)'=>'',  # line 52

### ../lists/   ###
'Tagline'                     =>'',  # line 59

pixtur:Reply to Tag line

12 years ago

It was meant as part of a company adress

 Mega Company Inc.
 nonsense industrial solutions <-- this is supposed to be the tagline
 Some Street 12
 D-1234 Contry

If my English has been weird again, we should rename this to something useful.

webbplatsen:Where do I upload?

12 years ago

where do I upload my language file?

I saw that my swedish translation I sent to earlier Pixtur is not the one used in the release.

Should I continue email my lang file to you pixtur or what?
Upload it to a repository would be easier.

pixtur:Reply to Where do I upload?

12 years ago

Svn would be best. Do you have an sourceforge account?


webbplatsen:no account

12 years ago

have no sf account

madlyr:on home page there is undefined '|' =>'', language key

12 years ago

On home page there is undefined '|' =>'', language key
I see warning message (I have all warnings enabled):
undefined language keys:
undefined '|' =>'',

What's a f*?

I can't find the reason of this warning. has problems with strings with double quotes

12 years ago has problems with strings with double quotes
Even in those translated strings are in main language file, this file puts strings below in changes file.

undefined keys:

### ../pages/   ###
'Edit bookmark: "%s"|page title'=>'',  # line 365
'Bookmark: "%s"'              =>'',  # line 366

I think the reason of this behaviour are double quotes "" inside string.

pixtur:Reply to has problems with strings with double quotes

12 years ago

Yes... Quotes in to be translated strings are a big problem.

rayz:New project from: template | scratch

10 years ago

template | scratch should be translated?