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close Project on project-view


Sep 6, 2006
Sep 6, 2006 / binder
Jan 5, 2009 / phsouzacruz

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I'm missing a "close project"-action on project-view.

... In that context: Should there be a warning or a "don't", if there are open tasks in a project? Means, can you close a project, while tasks being open?



12 years ago

This option can be found in projList, but it does not ask for confirmation, yet (but it should be). I am not sure, if I want to have a permanent link to close a project at project View. It used pretty seldom. But we could add it behind the status displayed at the "project details" box in the upper right corner. e.g.:

Status: open [close now]


Status: closed [reopen]

binder:Reply to Sure?

12 years ago

you're right, it's not THE big issue, but we finished some projects this week and I had to close them all, that's why I was missing the function.
Your suggestion sounds very good.

pixtur:Why not close them in project List?

12 years ago

There you can select multiple project and close them together...


12 years ago

the problem is, I have to look at project description and tasks to be sure, everything is done. Going back to project list to close the project there is a bit of a problem, because all open projects appear and I have to find the one I need.

but going to project - edit is a solution as well

pixtur:maybe we found a better solution with Ajah...

12 years ago

Although it will take a while, it will come for sure: Selecting a project in the project list and getting it's details and a few edit-options (like closing it) on the right.