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Efforts can be booked by a unassigned person with admin rights


Sep 6, 2006
Sep 6, 2006 / burger
Sep 7, 2006 / pixtur

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I have user rights of an admin.
Therefore I can see the tasks of projects I am not assigned to.

In this context I found out that I can book efforts even if I'm not assigned to the project. If I do this then I will find the efforts in the list of efforts, but I won't find the sum of these booked efforts in the col 'Efforts' of the projViewTasks.

In my opinion this behaviour is a little bit inconsequent.

So either it shouldn't be possible to book efforts if I'm not assigned to the project or the sum of efforts should be shown at the projViewTasks.

We prefer the second option.

What do you think?


pixtur:Good point...

12 years ago

you are right. This could be seen as a bug. I prefer the second option as well. But some things just can't be done by users not being member of the team. So maybe we will open a barrel without bottom ;-) (Ein Fass ohne Boden, meine ich)

maybe we should collect a list of things that are not possible for admins not being part of the project. I already forget most of them, but I know there are many.

binder:Reply to Good point...

12 years ago

yes, some kind of lists should be written somewhere to keep an eye on this...