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Developer can delete his tasks


Sep 5, 2006
Sep 5, 2006 / burger
Jan 5, 2009 / phsouzacruz

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I added a developer to a project and assigned a task to him which the developer was able to delete.

I think that's a bug.

Only the admin or project manager should be able to delete a task. Not the developer. Or?


tino:Hey burger

12 years ago

from my point of view it's a bug!


regards tino

pixtur:not sure...

12 years ago

I am not sure about this, because streber should be a friend little wiki oriented pm-tool. There might be a lot more situations where a user would help by deleting an item, than protecting from vandalism.

As streber is wiki oriented, there cannot be deleted anything from the database and a deletion of a task will always be noted in change-log and notification mails. From there it's just a click to restore it and keep an extra-eye on that user. Probably even turn him into a "Guest" to prevent him from deleting or modifying anything but his own stuff.

But I confirm that there should be more features to detect and restore vandalism, other than write protection.

Any other ideas ideas on this very important topic?