title-tag prefix in every streber-page


Aug 16, 2006
Aug 16, 2006 / binder
Jan 5, 2009 / phsouzacruz

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I've often got streber open while working on tasks. And most time the name of the project is the same as or begins with the name of a website I'm working on. As I've got a few windows open, it's difficult to tell in the taskbar which window is streber and wich one is the clients website! ;)
So could we just call every title in streber something like: "streber - XY" or "streber: XY"?


pixtur:could be discussed...

12 years ago

Actually it was like this for a long time and I reversed the order for the opposit reason...
You could easily adjust this in render/render_page.inc.php but I am not sure, if I would want to add a new custimize-variable for this...

Maybe we should ask some users for this one. If some other people also want it the other way around, I would obey ;-)


pixtur:Sorry, but almost rejected...

12 years ago

After reviewing the task, I would almost reject it...