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Jun 28, 2006
30 min
Oct 13, 2006
Jun 28, 2006 / tino
Nov 17, 2006 / pixtur

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  • at the moment it's very circumstantial to see the description of an effort (edit effort)
  • a better solution would be a new button (like DELETE, EDIT), which allows you to see the whole effort (including description)



12 years ago

The implemenation of effortView is easy. I will do this in the upcomming release.


tino:Reply to confirmed

12 years ago

Hello Tom

have you done something on this yet?

pixtur:not yet...

12 years ago

But adding an effortView should be straight forward... I first want to finish the version stuff.


burger:Can I do something?

12 years ago

Can I implement something in this context, because I have time to realise this?

tino:Reply to Can I do something?

12 years ago

Hey burger,

so you are doing this stuff?

burger:Reply to Reply to Can I do something?

12 years ago

I don't want to take away this stuff from you.
So if you want to handle it, it's okay for me too.

I only have a lot of time and I thougt that I could work on it.

Due to the fact that I'm a beginner in developing for streber, I would like to take tasks which are not that complex and complicated :-).

tino:Reply to Reply to Reply to Can I do something?

12 years ago

Hey burger (what about your real name;-) ),

that's absolutely no problem for me, really.

I think it's a good task get along with the complex code.

regards tino

pixtur:Yeah, please help...

12 years ago

the best option to do this is cloning commentView():

Places to adjust:
  • pages/effort.inc.php -> add effortView-function)
  • pages/_handles.inc.php -> add definition for effortView handle)
  • lists/list_efforts.inc.php -> turn effort-titles into links ala $PH->getLink('effortView', $effort->name, array('effort'=>$effort->id);

pixtur:hi Burger...

12 years ago

Wow, obviously the comment structure is displayed not quiet corrent here... Anyways. I think this would be an excellent task for training ;-)

tino:Reply to hi Burger...

12 years ago

Hey Tom,

yes it looks a bit strange ;-)

I'll give it a look!

regards tino


12 years ago (2. update 12 years ago)

I implemented the effort description.

Now you can have a look at one specific effort or at multiple efforts.

I hope it's okay like this?!

It would be kind if you would check it.

P.S.: The icon is very ugly, but I didn't have the possibility to create an icon which is more pretty. Maybe you can replace the desc.gif file?!

pixtur:I will check your changes...

12 years ago

I will also take care of the icon ;-)



12 years ago

I was wondering about the missing possibility to have a look at the effort description, because this feature is approved.

I needed to have a look at the effort description and found out that you removed the button to reach this page.

Therfore I would like to know if the removal of the button was on purpose or not?

pixtur:It was on purprose :)

12 years ago

Hi Burger,
you can click on the Effort name to view the description of the effort. The page function is reserved for "active functions" only (like Edit, Delete etc.). Clicking the Effort name is more consistent with the rest of interface.

binder:it was: show all efforts

12 years ago

with the button you could click an multiple efforts and view the selected ones on one page. This is important for us, to get a quick overview over the efforts of a person or a project.

pixtur:oh! I see...

12 years ago

So we should call this function "show selected efforts" and add it to the function menus again.

Sorry for not understanding it in the first place.

binder:Antwort auf oh! I see...

12 years ago

no problem! ;) that's why, commenting is a good thing! LOL

burger:Button etc.

12 years ago

Hi Tom!

So you take care about the button? Or?

pixtur:sorry. I forgot...

12 years ago

pixtur:Fixed in rev200

12 years ago