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client does not get updates on assigned tasks


Jun 15, 2006
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Jun 15, 2006 / pixtur
Jan 5, 2009 / phsouzacruz

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This problem is really tricky, because Project::getChanges() only checks for visible items but the visibility of tasks is also affected by assignments. So even if the client could see "assigned tasks" the query in Project::getChanges ignores it:

from db/class_project.inc.php

            "SELECT i.* from
                                    {$prefix}item i,
                                    {$prefix}projectperson upp
                    upp.person = {$auth->cur_user->id}
                AND upp.project = i.project

                AND ( i.pub_level >= upp.level_view
                      i.created_by = {$auth->cur_user->id}
            " . getOrderByString($order_by);

Maybe we could add some fragment of Task::getAll() to this...

from db/class_task.inc.php

                    AND i.id = tp.task
                           AND tp.person = $assigned_to_person
                           AND itp.id = tp.id
                           AND itp.state = 1
                                   AND (itp.pub_level >= upp.level_view
                                       itp.created_by = {$auth->cur_user->id}

... but that would cause other problems, because it ignores all other item-types. Another method might be to query all assigned task that are not catched in the first query and and them. But this exceeds my mySQL-knowledge.

Issue report

Not available
  1. create project
  2. create person client with profil client and notifictions ON
  3. add person client
  4. create task1 with pub-level "open"
  5. assign task1 to client
  6. Flush notifications for client

although task1 is visibile in client's assigned task list it is not listed in the notification mail.

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